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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Keeps Me Reading?

This week our reading workshop switched gears.  While we wrapped our discussion of the testing genre we also made the switch to exploring our background as a reader.  It helps us move forward if we know where we started!

Wrapping up the testing genre including taking a turn at answering a constructed response question.  These can be tricky!  We discussed what the authors were looking for if they designed a constructed response question, how to find the answer (look BACK in the text), and how to write OUR answer to what is actually a multi-step problem.  These were grade on a scale of 1-4 and returned to the students for further in-class discussion.

Next, we started to explore our background as readers.  Our Friday lesson was based on Aimee Buckner's lesson in Notebook Connections, "What Keeps Me Reading."  The chart we created in class started with Mrs. Perrien sharing what keeps her reading: 
Mrs. Perrien's answers are recorded in green.  Once the mini-lesson was complete the students took their reader's workshop notebooks and wrote for a few minutes about what keeps THEM reading.  When we concluded our workshop session via sharing we added students' ideas to the chart.  Their answers are recorded in orange.

To wrap up this week's post, I've added a few photos of Reader's Workshop entries from Friday:

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