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Sunday, January 15, 2012

And so the non-fiction goes!

We are knee-deep in non-fiction in my classroom.  This year is going particularly well!  I will post on this again this week and next week as well.

Students are doing three things, at the same time!  (Who says kids can't multi-task!)  First, all students are learning to apply reading strategies to non-fiction material.  We are currently working on questioning when reading non-fiction. (I will write more about this tomorrow!)  Secondly, all 4th graders are making a Non-Fiction Features and Conventions booklet.  These are pretty neat!   In the meantime, 5th graders are developing teaching lessons based on a grade-level's Michigan GLCE's.  Working in teams, the 5th graders have developed teaching lessons for Kindergarteners, first graders, etc.  Their units are turning out to be FANTASTIC!

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