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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinterest and Buttons

Wow!  These two things have become addicting!  I have discovered both recently!  Pinterest is an online tool, allowing one to keep virtual pin boards of ideas.  These can be grouped in any way one would prefer.  I have started following the "education" boards and have discovered great teacher's sites with vast amounts of ideas and...FREE stuff!  You should check it out if you're not already on Pinterest, if for no other reason than the teaching tips and ideas!

Buttons are another tool I've started using on my class page.  While I'm not quite down the "I love buttons!" road as some of the teachers I've read online, I have found these to help me remember sites that I want to visit again and again.  If I find good quality reading workshop blogs I'll add the "button" to the right of this page.  Enjoy!

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