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Monday, August 20, 2012

Back-to-School Resolutions!

Resolution setting is not necessarily my thing, as I have trouble keeping them!  However, I stumbled onto this Back-to-School Resolutions LINKY PARTY (Hosted by Teaching Maddeness) and decided to join in the fun!  I'm more likely to keep these resolutions because I'm making them public on my blog.  

Here are my Back-to-School Resolutions!

1:  My first resolution is to keep the paper trail under control in my classroom.  I'm resolve to PREVENT piles from forming by filing things immediately and using electronic filing whenever possible!

2:  I resolve to keep myself from overcommitting!  I am a full-time teacher, wife, and mother.  I need to keep my focus on my family and my work and say NO when something would take away from my kids, my husband, and my students.

3:  Remodel my master bathroom!  I know this isn't a back-to-school resolution, but it's something that needs to get done and we need to do it this year!

4:  I resolve to keep the focus on work when I'm at work!  It's easy to get roped into hallway conversations and lounge gossip.  While at work I need to be working and keep the focus on my students and their needs.

5:  Finally, I resolve to blog each week about my reading workshop!  :)

That's it!  Do you have resolutions to share?  Comment on this post or link to your own classroom blog.

Happy Reading!

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